Cr8Code About Us

Cr8code is established in 2017 at Cyprus as an online JS Editor and Codeplayground as well as aiming to make code writing easier by providing some kind of tools. You can easly register, login and then start coding, save them into your account and share. You can also use our To-Do list to make a list of your feature codes and developments to not to forget them and you can separate done and undone ones. Rather than those, we provide color customization for our clients, which let them to use the website with the color whichever they happy to see. You can check out F.A.Q page to see how to do that. Another useful feature that you may not be able to find in any other JS editors is focusing sounds. You can combine few nature sounds to create yourself a more comfortable environment while coding.

Our Aim

Our aim is to become the greatest font-end code, Web App and Widget Database and while doing that We wish to see our clients happy and comfortable while they are coding. To achive this idea, we are always thinking, what features would be useful and how could we improve our page for the sake of our users. In this manner, we are always open all kind of critics, complains and offers. The other topic that we are sensitive is; Security and Privacy of the users and their codes. Thats why we offer them to store their codes as private or public state and use or share them with others whenever it's necessary.

Co-Founder Güney Saramalı

Güney Saramalı is a Cypriot who lives in Cyprus currently and is a Public Administration Graduate. He is the full stack developer and the Co-Founder of the Cr8Code.Co.

Co-Founder Kan Yektaoğlu

Kan Yektaoğlu is a Cypriot who lives in Cyprus and a Bachelor Computer engineer also Master Degree in Computer Forensics. He is the Font-End developer and the Co-Founder of the Cr8code.Co.